Within a decade, advances in stem-cell science could help them to regrow their own hair where it has been lost. The breakthrough could also lead to new treatments for other conditions, such as alopecia, in which hair is lost in patches. Writing in the journal Nature(May, 2007), American scientists described how they had shown that adult mammals were able to grow new hair follicles.

It had been thought that follicles, the tiny structures responsible for hair growth, were always formed before birth, with their gradual death leading to baldness. The discovery that it is possible to develop new follicles later in life paves the way for new hair loss treatments. 

Hair restoration can be multiplied hair by stimulation of hair follicle stem cells and dermal papilla cells(the cells of the bottom of hair follicles). These formulas are natural, safe and effective treatments to stimulate these cells in hair follicles.

This line is proven to protect hair loss, to promote normal hair growth and rapidly improve existing hair.