Just imagine being able to clone your own skin, creating brand-new cells that are un­damaged by age, sun or pollution. It would be the Holy Grail of skincare, the answer that every woman over the age of 35 has been looking for.

It might sound like science fiction, but BioSpectrum, Inc. and SkinCure, Co. Ltd., the international bio-tech­nology companies, now offer a way to real­ize this very dream with their StemCello® products, containing uniquely the stem cell activator, EMortal™ to stimulate dormant stem cells in your skin and transform them into new tissue.

StemCello® is the third product of its kind and acts by encouraging the adult stem cell reservoirs in our skin to assist rejuvenate it. But StemCello® may be the first product with scientific background(Scientific journal published our research results).

Through the use of StemCello® the skin looks healthy due to the natu­ral rekindling of the cells' metabolism, which helps to restore health, youth and vibrancy to aged or damaged skin cells.

The StemCello® lines now consist of five revolutionary product lines that put the new stem cell knowledge into practice:

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